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Dalbergia Sissoo Trees

Commonly known as Sissoo Trees, North Indian Rosewood, or Dalbergia latifolia. Below are some ways to help you identify, Plant, and Care for these trees often found near or around  Mesa, Arizona. 

Dalbergia Sissoo Tree in Mesa Arizona

Unique Features to Sissoo Trees

Sissoo Tree Leaves

Sissoo Tree Bark

Sissoo Tree Roots


  • Fast growing, provides thick shade cover quickly
  • Drought-resistant
  • Hearty in poor soils
  • Loves direct sunlight


  • Long reaching and aggressive root systems
  • Difficult to remove or kill root systems without proper specialized herbicide
  • Will cause thousands of dollars in property damage if planted too close to sidewalks, cement slabs, water lines and homes
  • Not native to Arizona

Planting and Caring for Sissoo Trees

Time To Plant

The Best Time to Plant a Sissoo Tree in Mesa, Az is in the spring time or between the months of March and May. 

Don't Discard the Tree

Don’t discard the trunk. The wood is excellent for wood working projects!

Sissoo Heart Wood


Watering a Sissoo Tree should occurr Once every two weeks in summer, and once a month in winter.

Pruning Season

May to August is the best time to trim and prune the Sissoo tree to the size and shape desired.